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Indicators: Sine Wave

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Automated-Trading 2011.11.25 12:27 

Sine Wave:

The indicator acts in a fully opposite way comparing to the adaptive moving averages during a trend market: in case of a definite trend, both indicator lines (Lead Sine and Sine Wave) move parallel to each other and show the trend direction by their location relative to each other; in case of a flat, the Sine Wave indicator quickly reacts on the market swing movements.

Author: Nikolay Kositsin

SineWave and SineWave2 indicators

Georgi Angelov
Georgi Angelov 2015.12.09 14:39  

Hi Nikolay,

I would like to ask if the sine wave is available/adaptable to MT4. My broker uses only this version of MT. I am very much interested in trading with the indicator.





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