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Indicators: iTrend

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Automated-Trading 2011.10.25 16:24 


This is a combination of two indicators in one. Histogram values are the sum of the values of two technical indicators - Bears Power and Bulls Power.

Moving average values are the difference between the values of the financial asset price and Bollinger Bands (depending on the value of the Bands_Mode input parameter; the 'direction' switcher is provided to invert the histogram for its correct display in case of various values of that parameter).

Author: Nikolay Kositsin

iTrend indicator

Kennyguru 2016.07.25 14:02  
Please can anyone show me how to download the iTrend into MT5, I tried it repeatedly but its showing as MQL source instead of Programme file in Terminal/indicator window, any help will be appreciated
Ernst Van Der Merwe
Ernst Van Der Merwe 2016.07.25 14:38  

Make sure it's saved in the correct location.


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