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Felix 2011.10.24 17:28 

I'm starting in using MT and I know that MT5 is able to make automatic trading. This means that you code a program that can open and close buy/sell operations for you respected to some parameters that you've previously coded in the program.

Now I've the same question for MT4. A friend has clarified to me that EA is an automatic program that can do the operations for you and it can work in MT4. So the basic question is about MT4 and MT5 and the automatic trading. Is it possible to do it in both platform? if yes, What are the advantages/disadvantages of each platform respected to automatic trading?

HongDi s& t development co.,ltd.
hongbin fei 2011.12.02 07:26  
MT4, mt5 can automatic trading, but the code not same. you can write to me, I can write code for you.
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