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Automated Trading Championship 2011 Has Started!

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2011.10.03 02:12 

Today is October 3, 2011 and Automated Trading Championship 2011 has started. Completed are all the preparatory steps: all Expert Advisors of Championship participants have been finally checked and approved. This year 395 trading robots will fight for the 80 000 US dollars prize.

Top three places in terms of EAs allowed to the competition this year are shared by Russia (32,8%), Ukraine (9,5%) and China (5,3%). United States of America were on the third place last year. Now this country has descended to the seventh place sharing it with Indonesia. Nine EAs from Italy have surprisingly emerged in our top ten! By this criterion the Italians will be competing on equal terms with representatives of Bulgaria, while yielding one place to Japan.

Distribution of ATC 2011 Participants According to their Countries

The full text is available on the Championship website - Automated Trading Championship 2011 Has Started!

The Sponsors of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 are MIG Bank, Go Markets and Vantage FX. The Media Sponsor of the Championship is Forex-TSD.
19 2011.10.03 03:43  

Several EAs including mine were not alowed to enter the contest. As a reason, the rule III.7 (never use scalping) was mentioned without any detailed explanation. As I was, of course, aware of this rule I coded my EA so that it complies with it, i.e. it does not take profit within spread range with an exception in few cases, but far bellow the limit of 25% of trades. I suspect the organizers did not analyze the compliance of my EA with the rule at all and simply kicked me out based on number of trades (cca 2000 per month) or some other parameter, but surely not according to the official rules. This is unfair and somewhat ridiculous. If they use other parameters to distinguish scalping, why they do not specify that explicitly in the rules? There is no clear boundary between scalping and higher frequency trading, it is a continuous scale and a very precise definition is needed to distinguish. Needless to say that scalping is a perfectly legitimate trading style and it is a peculiarity of this contest that one of possible trading styles is forbidden (and even without clearly defining what scalping is). I would very like to know the reason for this.

jianhua296 2011.10.03 17:54  
Dear jianhua,

The verification of your Expert Advisor is complete. Expert Advisor checking report:

2011.09.25 12:42

1. Copy
experts\baoj2011.ex5 ok

2. Compile

3. Configuration
baoj2011 on EURUSD:M5 every tick 2011.01.01-2011.08.01

4. Start
finished in 6 min 51 sec

5. Statistics
1843 kb of log files
475 trades, 935 deals, profit 1445825.80 USD

No errors!
2011.09.26 17:07 1 2011.09.26 17:07:31 ATC.Tester reply

Your participation is denied. Your EA cannot initialize during test launch on the Championship server
2011.10.02 21:40 1 2011.10.02 21:40:43 stringo reply

why ?I cannot image error happened in the initial stage! you must give more explantion about it ! I am very depressed.My EA has great profit during test from 2011.01.01 to 2011.08.01.Now I greatly doubt fairness and transparency about this contest!
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