[HELP] Can't get buffer value from CiRSI from Oscilators.mqh


Hello Community,

I'm trying to use the CiRSI class from Oscilators.mqh, everything seems fine with the exception that when I try to get the value for the buffer using the Main() function it always returns EMPTY_VALUE.

Here's a code snippet for a test Script.

#include <Indicators/Oscilators.mqh>

void OnStart() {
    CiRSI rsi;
    rsi.Create(_Symbol, PERIOD_CURRENT,14, PRICE_CLOSE);

    double rsi_value = rsi.Main(
0 ); //I have tried to use other indexes
    Alert("RSI Value: " + (rsi_value ==  EMPTY_VALUE ? "EMPTY VALUE" : (string) rsi_value));

Any Idea why this might be happening?

Thank you for your,