Guidance on setting up MT4

Leandro Santos  


I'm starting out in binary operations, and at the beginning I'm finding it very difficult, I need help configuring mt4, I signed up for ***, I operate with the *** broker, and I'm having difficulty configuring my broker on MT4, I've already watched some and I read some materials to see if I could solve this problem, but I couldn't, if you could give me some help, at the beginning it's always complex. awaiting return.

*** 3rd party and broker names redacted by moderator

Fernando Carreiro  

If you are just starting out, then consider starting with MetaTrader 5 instead.

MetaTrader 4 is old and has not been further developed coming up close to a decade now.

Also, if you prefer to communicate in Portuguese and with more of your own Brazilian countryman, then consider using the Portuguese forum.

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