Writing an EA to give 100 years of data


So Recently i got the hitch of knowing how all the pips and points can be taken advantage of to make better trading decisions to maximize profit of course so... Just so you know i have low level of programming as i had done just basics of web dev, now i want to do more than just build websites.. I'm learning to do this through the help of some friends i met on this platform and a few other platforms, so far we have been on stage 2 of testing but still dont have a unified info of exactly what we desire as a result. so if you know how we can achieve this please feel free to reach out let's collaborate our innovative ideas and build exquisite financial solutions together.. it's just an idea if not executed.


100 years of historical data is not feasible. Even 25 years of data can be difficult to find and only some brokers supply somewhat more than that. And if you are also looking for historical tick data, then it is way less.

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