Graphical Panel: switching through multiple edit fields using the tabulator key


Hello beloved community, 

I have a simple question, at least I guess, it could be simple. 

I just created a panel to enter entry prices, TPs and SLs.
Now I am wondering, if I have the possibility to simply activate the next edit field when having entered a value into any field. 

Example: I´ll enter the first take profit. By pressing "TAB", I switch to the edit field for TP2 and so on. 

Currently I have to mouseclick every edit field on its own.

I was thinking about a command like "m_editfield_TP2.Activate()" or  "m_editfield_TP2.SetFocus()" or something like this to accelerate entering all the price values and preparing my orders.

thanks in advance

Panel.PNG  6 kb