Bots always seem to fail for me and I lose everything!



  I'am new to using bots and tried backtesting a number of free the ones.  These include dark venus and zigzag.  But at some point, all of them fail and I lose everything!!!  I've changed a number of different parameters from what I've watched on youtube! What am I doing wrong?


It was failed in the end of the backtesting (on your screenshot) because the backtesting was stopped (open trades were forced to be closed because the backtesting was stopped; seems - big drawdown for this deposit size).

Anyway, you can ask the authors/coders for support.


I am posting it all the time on the forum during the many many years
(it is about Market products but it is same for the Signals and for Freelance as well):

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies


Sergey Golubev, 2021.01.14 09:18

  • If you bought the product from your friend or from your relative or from very active users on this forum so you can fix anything related with the sellers who are responsible about what they are seller (and because you both know each other for the long time).
  • But if you bought something from "anyone" just because of have a lot of money so - sorry: it is your risk, and this risk can not be turned to anyone else.


I am posting this suggestion all the time on the forum. It is related to the Signals, the Market, and to the Freelance as well - 

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies


Sergey Golubev, 2020.01.16 06:35

There is one rule which some people follow:
subscribe to the signal or create an order in Freelance or purchase the product from the user/seller/coder/provider you know in person or you know by activity on the forum.

Because if you purchased something so I may ask:
"Do you know the seller in person, or are you familiar with him on this forum?"
If you say: "Not" so it will be very strange case for me ...

Just my optinion.


There are a lot of professional and honest users/coders on the forum, and some of them are very active on this forum helping to the other people and replying on the forum posts/requests.

Always choose the person you know in this forum (who is very active here), and you will have less problems with anything.

Just my opinion sorry (because I am not a coder, and I am using Freelance and Market as well).