Re: Cant log into MT5 mql5 community


Hi all,

I tried to log in via MT5 mql5 community, but got this messages:

2023.06.29 12:17:52.137 authorization failed

2023.06.29 12:17:52.244 MQL5 Market failed to get list of user products [401]

This is the first time logging in, but never had a problem via my other MT4 accounts.

Please advise. THanks.

  • Upgrade to Windows 10 Codename 21H1 (november 2021 update) or later (try to install every single operating system update on your Windows 10 64-bit computer).
  • Makde sure that you installed Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Community tab: make sure you are using your forum login and not your email (your forum login is raychua)


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product is purchased but not downloaded yet

Lei Zhou, 2020.06.07 21:49

I have the same problem and it is sorted, by setting IE the default browser and reset password. In the password confirmation email, there is a login ID which is not my email (that’s the key).

Use the above login ID and new password. I can then login with MT4 market and get the product purchased and installed correctly.