Signal messages


Hello, I have a question about my Signal.  I cannot actually put a link to the signal because the mediators will delete it.   But I am getting messages I do not understand. 

My signal is dong very well and is performing as designed. But, there are many messages on the left column that indicate low volume, new signal and high risk.

1. "The number of deals on the account is too small to evaluate trading quality"

2.  "This is a newly opened account, and the trading results may be of random nature."

3.  "Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk."

4.  "High average monthly growth may indicate high trading risks."

For the first 2 questions, The description of low volume of trades and the new account message looks like a time issue.  Am I suppose to just wait for a magic moment?   What is the criteria to remove these messages? 

The last two statements are only an opinion related to the quality of my software.   Clearly , whoever created the messages and the triggers to display them thinks that everyone who writes code is incapable of developing high yield/high reliability software. The words "High Risk" suggest I should reduce the yield for some reason.    I am getting a profit of over 50%( very nice)  in 4 weeks with a reliability of 4 bars.  I am not sure what 4 bars means but I gained 2258 pips and lost 418 pips  (33% losing trades). So I guess that means 4 bars of reliability. 

From a professional developer point of view, I like to know as much as I can about the environment so as to account for all variables.  These messages just add a level of supervision I do not need.   What am I suppose to do with this information?   There is nothing actionable about these statements.

1. When will these messages be removed?  

2. Is there a committee who reviews performance?

3. What is the criteria of "performance"?   That would be very helpful for me to be able to write better code.   It is my first signal and any useful information is very helpful.


Chris Pinter