No Backtesting possible, because No History Data


Hi everyone,

I can not use the Strategytester in Mt5, because there is no History Data. Look at the Screeshot.

The thing is, a few Minutes before the Problem began, everthing worked.

I don't understand, is the Problem on my Computer/Terminal or is it a Server-Problem?

Can somebody help me?


The history is related to the brokers so try the other broker.

Besides, you can load some historican data from your broker on the way as we are doing it on Metatrader 4, for example:

  1. Select the symbol in Market Watch you want to backtest;
  2. right mouse click on symbol and choose "Symbols";
  3. load/request bars and ticks;
  4. open the chart of this symbol and click "Refresh".

Some steps are useless for MT5 but you can try ...


Thanks Sergey, for your Help.

I startet the Terminal today and it works. The problem was on the Brokers Side I guess.