Help Understanding EA test results


Back-test report removed by moderator.

Could someone please explain what ranks as a good result for a EA which data points do I need to focus on ?

At first glance it looks like it did pretty well but some assistance on the actual figures would be very helpful

This EA was tested on 15min data back to the start of 2022 until now.


What were the settings you used? So for example 1 minute OHLC, ticks by real ticks, ticks? For a 1 year test having 190 trades is a pretty decent amount. 

So a 1.72 profit rating is pretty good. Depending on how you did the test though there is a lot of questions of the actual accuracy in a live market.

So for example. I can run BTCUSD with a group of settings I found selecting the OHLC for a 3 year test period. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw it had a 1.5 million dollar profit gain. When I ran the same settings using the ticks by real ticks, the results were dramatically different and it showed that it would have blown the account about 75% through the test.

How you test is going to be a big big factor. I was told (and any gurus please correct me if I am wrong) its best to do a three year test going back to lets say 2019/10/01 to 2022/10/01, then run the same settings from 2023/04/01. If they profit factor and profit gain still look pretty good, then try running the last year in ticks by real ticks, if that still looks good try some small sample runs also using ticks by real ticks across some smaller 1-6 month time frames in that 2019-2023 period. Compare the ticks graphs to the OHLC. If you get consistent results, then its likely your strategy is dynamic enough to give pretty similar results in live application. Also, see the green bar at the top of your screen, see how it turns grey in a spot. Did you stop the test early? That is supposed to give you a visually representation of the quality of the data used for the back test so if you see brown or grey that means the data isnt trustworthy and you should find a different source feed (or so I was told, someone guru correct me if I am wrong here). 

I mean, you could also attach this puppy to a demo and just see how it eats.

Hope that was helpful. 

For me personally, I am looking at profit factor (prefer to be above 1.75), draw down(prefer it to be under 10%) and I want a healthy volume of trades (prefer it to be atleast 175 per year if possible). I also pay attention to the consecutive wins/losses. 


Please be advised that any discussions about specific back-tests results obtained and shown in your post, must be accompanied with EA source code.

Otherwise it will be considered indirect advertising or self-promotion and the report and metrics will be removed.

If you need guidance about the different metrics, then obscure the values, or better still, simply name the metrics you wish to know more about without showing the report.

By the way, there is an entire section in the documentation describing the Strategy Tester report and all the metrics:

As well as a section about Generated vs Real tick data: