EA not testing on new PC but works on old one?


I have a powerful PC to backtest and I'm getting strange errors which I've never got before. The first (from the logs) is based on USDJPY that the tester is retrieving for the JPY pairs that my EA tests on. When using JPY pairs, MT5 quits with no error message. If I remove all JPY pairs, it seems to start but it gets stuck in a loop. Never experienced this before.

Also, has anyone ever got a critical runtime error 565 in line 1, col 1 of their EA? This one is also confusing...

JPY_pairs.log  72 kb
Other.log  577 kb

MemoryException 7471104 bytes not available, 0 heapmin result  &   HistoryCache 'USDJPY' memory allocation error [8]

The error seems to imply an "out of memory" condition.

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Memory Exception

Arthur Hatchiguian, 2022.07.12 13:19

Quick update: I think the problem was just that my VPS didn't have enough RAM to handle my EAs.

The problem is always starting once my VPS has more than 80% memory used, before that everything is fine.

I guess i have to find a way to reduce the memory used by my hundreds of indicators :)

Thanks for the help