New HistoryBase Errors Mt4 affecting All EA Traders! Must-Fix - Multiple Brokers, -strange how no-one will answer this question, this would be the most Important current problem for Ea traders March23



I am having a Problem with 'HistoryBase Errors' in MetaTrader 4.

It is when I download from the History Center in Mt4, and it says 'errors in EURUSD1'     or any/every symbol.

I noticed this error around 1 week ago, so I asked my broker to fix. They refused to acknowledge a problem, and refused to fix it, then refunded my money and kicked me out.

I then went to a 2nd broker, they offered Mt4 before sign-up, then after sign-up I went to download their Mt4 platform and there was none. When I contacted the broker they

said that they suspended all Mt4 accounts for their clients and that they were currently working on Mt4. I asked was there a problem, they said they wouldn't tell me, but they will

contact me after they finish working on it.

I then went to a 3rd broker, they have this HistoryBase error in their History Center as-well. Straight out of the default installation. I have contacted them to fix, so far it has been over 48hours

and they will not respond or update me.

I tried a 4th broker, they had no Error, however I can't trade with them as I can't access the High Leverage.

*To fix this problem I think I have tried everything myself.

---- What I have tried for fix –

  • Default Installation
  • Default Re-installation No personal data
  • Delete all history files inside Mt4 folder
  • Delete all history files from inside all terminal and brokers folders
  • Used Internal History Centre inside Mt4
  • Used downloaded all timeframes Internal History Centre inside Mt4
  • Changed Options Max Bars History 99999999999999
  • Changed servers   (Main-backup-All)
  • Rescanned Servers (Main-backup-ALL)
  • Tried Different Brokers (1 worked but I can’t trade with them due to leverage restrictions)
  • Turned off Anti-virus
  • Restarted Computer
  • Restarted MT4
  • Asked Broker to fix
  • Tried using Period Converter and Period Converter All timeframes (shouldn't have to do this at all)
  • Tried Complete Different Computer with Different Internet Conection

I am only a rookie but this is what I think I discovered

I researched since Monday over 80 hours. The only solution I can think of is that certain Brokers have updated their Mt4 recently(they all have recent updates in their about about Mt4),   or something has happened to their History Centres recently,,, where the data now MisMatches from the broker and history centre.

As the Broker that did not have problems, has it’s own datacentre or multiple servers, I think that it still has the Correct working History Centre whilst the others have only 1-2 servers and relies on that data, which is now Incorrect or Wrong.

So I don't think its a MetaQuotes Problem as some brokers don't have this problem,


So I think the fix must be that the Brokers updates it’s Data for the History Centre to the right Correct Data???

Please Help - I have spent over 80 hours researching this, this week, and I can't find any real answer, and the Brokers don't seem to want to help. Like they are hiding this problem.

Has this only started occuring since the Bank Collapses in USA and Europe?

I need to fix this Problem if anyone has the Answer please let us know. This problem must be affecting lots of traders.