Can´t get last with SymbolInfoTick


    Hi, I´m programming an EA:

              It has Forex Info: EURUSD, 

      I´m using SymbolInfoTick(_Symbol,latest_price) to get the last price,

      When it runs with History Data there is no problema and the function SymbolInfoTick works ok and returns correct information.

     But when switch to listen RT, the field latest_price.last returns zero. And there is no error in the function result. (SymbolInfoTick returns TRUE) The other fields like ask, bid,etc  returns values.

     Also I tried with SymbolInfoDouble , SYMBOL_LAST and it´s the same result.

  Do you have any idea to solve it or make a workaround?  


Fernando Carreiro #:

Thanks  Fernando Carreiro


Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro
  • 2023.03.09
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