how many charts can I have on the VPS


I just noticed that I have only 32 charts on the VPS.  Is that the limit because normally I have 50?


Account to the rules (Rules of Using the Virtual Hosting Service) -

During the synchronization, the client terminal's active environment migrates to the rented Virtual terminal. The client terminal's active environment includes:
  • active symbol charts Expert Advisors are launched on. Up to 32 charts are allowed to be migrated for a fee-based hosting, while for a free hosting the maximum number of migrated charts is 16,
  • built-in and custom indicators launched on the charts an Expert Advisor is launched on,
  • custom Expert Advisors launched on charts (up to 32 ones on a fee-based hosting and up to 16 ones on a free one),
  • the terminal settings set in FTP, Email, Signals, Notifications tabs as well as WebRequest permissions from Expert Advisors settings.
If more than 32 charts with launched Expert Advisors are active on a fee-based hosting account (more than 16 charts for a free hosting one), the charts exceeding the limit are not migrated during synchronization and the appropriate message appears in the Journal.
Rules of Using the Virtual Hosting Service
Rules of Using the Virtual Hosting Service
The page contains the rules of using the Virtual Hosting service (Virtual Hosting Cloud): general provisions, virtual hosting rental conditions, payment terms, as well as violations entailing termination of service.