live EA results dont match backtesting results over the same period



An EA has been running on a demo account for a couple of weeks. However, when trying to backtest the EA over the same time period the results don't match. How do you set up backtesting (or the EA) so that the results match?

There are only 3 answers to this question:

  • Is it your expert advisor?: If it is your expert advisor and the backtesting has no correlation with the demo/real test, you should review the code so that it is not over-optimized and/or taking erroneous data from prices/indicators.
  • If it is not your expert advisor: In this case, if you do not have the source code of your system, there are several possibilities for which there is no correlation, it may be the case that the code is internally modified to read the prices/ticks and thus obtain a different result in backtesting.
  • There is also the case that you are doing the backtesting incorrectly and you do not have the correct data from the broker.