please help me even for a charity


hi traders

my trading strategy is limit orders on the major tops or bottoms

but i want to increase its win rate

does anyone knows what filter or indicator should i add to my strategy

thanks a lot

Comparative Analysis of 10 Trend Strategies
Comparative Analysis of 10 Trend Strategies
The article provides a brief overview of ten trend following strategies, as well as their testing results and comparative analysis. Based on the obtained results, we draw a general conclusion about the appropriateness, advantages and disadvantages of trend following trading.
I'm sure you have time to observe the volatility of the chart pairs you are interested in. Very precise. If the indicator you need is of course not a Moving Average but look for one that belongs to the Oscillators group. About variables, leave default first & adjust later if needed in future. [Sorry I can't give specific indicators & variables, because each of us has a different perspective & method, even though everything is the same, the results can be very different].

The bottom line is: There is no exact science in this business, but it is personal experience & observation. We often say it's art... With any indicator & variable, if you look closely and often, then you will find the character, and like magic you can feel the direction when the time reversal occurs.

A piece of advice: Be careful to stick to a "hit & run" strategy as you run... don't let 21 reps catch you off guard as it becomes second nature. Know that the market has many waves. Perhaps all you observe right now are ripples [small waves], so there must be times when a large wave occurs that drags it off course, even for a long time. This is a terrible storm that every beginner and advanced trader must have experienced. [The days of profit disappeared overnight].

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