I renamed the terminals now I can't connect to the marketplace.

Marco Volpe  
Hello. I have several MT5 terminals from the same broker on my server. I renamed each instance so I can run them independently. Now when I try to connect to the marketplace it is not allowing me. It says to make sure the "web address res" is correct. It's pointing to a web address with the name of the terminal I created (N1CM#2). I'm sure that's the problem. Is there any way to change that address in the platform? I am trying to download a utility (signal multiplier) I have previously purchased from the marketplace. I also looked for it in the files of a platform where it is already installed but I could not find it. Any ide where it would be so that I could possibly just move it over? Thanks in advance.
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Alain Verleyen  

Maybe something similar to MT4, which prevent to rename the terminal exe name. I didn't check.

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New version of the MetaTrader 4 platform build 1370

MetaQuotes , 2023.01.18 15:53

We have been forced to enable file immutability control to fight against scammers refactoring and modifying our applications.

The functionality update of the MetaTrader 4 platform was stopped many years ago and now we release only patches for crash logs.

By the way, you don't need to rename the exe to run instances independently.