trade manager and order close


hi guys, recently i build a simple ea to manage my trades, he close all orders and disable algotrading in a predefined hour

but im having a lot of headache with a problem, have a delay after disable algotrading button and the eas place orders sometimes

and after disable algotrading my trading manager cannot close the orders anymore, it give me horrible results during news time

i was thinking about disable live trading in expert properties instead of disable algotrading button

or some other way to close orders with algotrading button on

if someone knows a better way to do this please tell me, THANKS

It is not over complicated with disabling EA and turn on/off algo trading? Why not using a filter… disable trading ( not opening any more trades ) during specified time. Like this, you can manage the opened positions with trailing or whatever. If disable algo trading, of course your EA cannot handle anything, because algo trading is off. 
i use my trade manager at the same time with some close code ea, i cannot control when he trades unless i disable algotrading, the problem is the ea open a trade at the same time my trading manager close the orders and disable algotrading