What are the machine & deep learning tools you are using for developing your AI models.



I’m opening this thread to topic with you the machine & deep learning tools used for developing and training AI models.

Indeed, I think that MT5 has a limited capacity when it comes to AI and we maybe need powerful tools that can handle large amount of data.

Currently, I’m looking for a tool that can forecast the next movement of the forex markets by using the prices history or by using the history if the values of custom indicators.

The tool must allow the exportation of the neural network architecture and the perceptrons weights so it’s possible to write an mql4/mql5 expert based on the neural network.

Thank you in advance for your participation.


There are already so many threads dedicated to A.I., Machine Learning, Neural networks, etc., so please, do a search before starting yet another one.


Hello Fernando,

I have already seen some of the posts about ML and DL.

My question my question is rather directed toward the tools that can help a lot traders building their models in less time and with less efforts.

Indeed, there are many AI tools and even some of them do not need programming knowledge (No code AI and Low code AI) and I think it will be interesting to discuss them here if some traders/programmers have already used them.