Can't view market on MT5 Linux


is there something to be installed to view and download products from market in Linux?

I have MT5 on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS


I do not have Linux so I can not check the information ... but I found that the market can be used with Linux (just fill Community tab in MT5, and your MT5 should be on 64-bit).
For example, look at post about the following (for Metatrader 5 and Metatrader 4):

Added support for "Market", "Signals" and "Search" in Wine. Linux and Mac OS users can now access the largest store of trading applications along with the copy trading service.

And look at this post:

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Terminal weeds in Linux

Renat Fatkhullin , 2021.02.14 10:08

The terminal knows about the wine and obviously adjusts to it.

Previously, on older versions before Wine 5, we had to disable some of the functionality such as displaying the market and signals. With the growth of the wine's capabilities, we removed the restrictions.

At the moment, we recommend the minimum version of Wine 5.0, or better 6, and even the development branch. The target Windows version in it must be 10, not 7.

We know about the remaining errors in the Wine and will make workarounds. They are from the difference in the WinAPI implementation in Wine.

metatrader5 running on linux with wine shows no signals-tab in terminal-window
metatrader5 running on linux with wine shows no signals-tab in terminal-window
  • 2015.06.30
hello @ all like in subject written i am using metatrader5 on a linux host...

I'm using wine 6.0.3 on Ubuntu 22 and MT5 v5 3555.

Logged in to my MQL account from MT5 but I cannot brows market and I cannot open "My Purchases". It shows white blank page. 

Obviously, browsing service needs to be mapped with MT5 somehow.

On other note: I'm surprised that till now you didn't compile a working copy for linux distros that doesn't rely on wine.