Chart with custom made trade history


Dear Traders/Programers.

is there any program that i can use to make my journaling easily as mentioned below

1: I will have ticket numbers of my trades from y total trade history of a day, entry and exits.

2: Suppose i have 20 quick trades in an hour on 2Minute chart of a stock CFD.

3: I need to make chart snapshot of each trade separately, (where arrows shown as my entry and exits in the candle chart)

4: in trade history option, I get whole trades history together with arrows in the chart that makes confusion. (Right click on MT5 and show trade history)

5: So, I would like to know if there is any program/Robot, where I can enter ticket numbers, then only those relevant arrows will be shown in the chart as trade history,

6: then I can save my chart as screen shot with individual trade history for my review and records.

If anyone has such a program or option, please let me know, 

Abdul Shaheed

  1. You can search here but your wishes are very specific...
  2. Or you can ask a freelancer to program it for you, but  please read up well beforehand:
    EA   requirements specification:
    Indicator requirements specification:
    How to Order a Trading Robot in MQL5 and MQL4:
Trading applications for MetaTrader 5 to order
Trading applications for MetaTrader 5 to order
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