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charts linked to each trade

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Shahid Muhammad
Shahid Muhammad  
I use MT4 with my own cutom indicators etc and then based on my chart analysis, I enter trades. Now I know there is a chart drawing at your site but that is very basic.
1. I would like to upload my chart image from screen shot of mt4 (once a trade is over) to my profile here
2. I want to link the above chart with the ordes history table.

Idea is when  i see my orders history and i click on a order which is failed or made good pips, i will be able to bring up the chart which i had uploaded so i know where i made mistake etc
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

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This forum is about MT5/mql5, please post your question about MT4/mql4 on forum.

  • They are more people who can answer there.
  • They are more people who can have similar problem there.
  • A forum is not only to get help but to share with the community, mql4/MT4 community isn't the same as mql5/MT5 community.

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