Experts: XP Forex Trade Manager MT4


XP Forex Trade Manager MT4:

Forex Trade Manager MT4 simplifies managing open orders in MetaTrader 4. If you open a new order, the manager automatically sets Stop Loss and Take Profit. When price will move, then the program could move Stop Loss to Break Even (stop loss = open price) or continuously moving Stop Loss (Trailing Stop) to protect your profits. Forex Trading Manager can control orders for only current symbols (where EA works) or for all opened orders (regardless symbol) and hide the Stop Loss and Take Profit from brokers. It’s a strategy for management of opened manual trades (opened on all symbols or only current chart’s symbol) by: - setting Stop Loss and/or Take Profit for the trades in pips - Trailing Stop function which trail SL by the price - Break Even which move SL to BE on chosen distance SL/TP can be managed by the broker (standard way) or in stealth mode – hidden from the broker.

XP Forex Trade Manager MT4

Author: Marzena Maria Szmit