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orders listed twice

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chinaski 2011.08.11 02:59 


Have problems to understand how MT5 works.

If i place an (only one) MARKET_BUY_ORDER order, i get

1. a pending order with ticket A

2. a history order with ticket B and expiration time.

In the trade tab, i can see an order but this order has no ticket

In the history tab, i can see 2 orders with different tickets both filled with slightly different prices.

Normally you would expect a pending order and a history order (pending state, and history, once filled),

both with same order ticket and only 1 fill in history tab and this order listed in trade tab along with ticket.

Why is the order messed up like described ?

Thank you

Documentation on MQL5: Trade Functions / OrderGetTicket
Trade Functions / OrderGetTicket - Documentation on MQL5
chinaski 2011.08.11 03:36  
Please FORGET THIS POST. Did a mistake.

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