Need Advice, Regards Best Practice for Margin Level on MT5



seems there is  terminology confusion when one mentions margin level, so to be clear here i mean the margin level that leads to margin call if it goes below 100%.

I am new trader using  long term trading strategy , it helps me reduce the risk and portfolio maintenance. 

My question is, what would you consider safe margin level what would you consider safe margin level

I have been operating at around 125% since i started trading live account few months ago, prior to that i was using demo account for almost a year.

I have occasionally gone down to around early 90s with margin call emails, but it gradually goes back above 100%

some guy said he works at 600% margin level , and cashes any free margin above that.

So what do you consider a safe margin level for long term trade strategy 



In my opinion, you are asking the wrong question!

Your fist concern should be controlling your Trade Risk (i.e. stop-loss risk), not your Margin Requirements, then unless you have a very low leverage (e.g. below 1:50), you should not be getting anywhere near any kind of margin call and your deposit load should be low.

Are your limiting your trade risk to below 5% (e.g. 1-2%)?