Crossover ADX EA



I am looking for a free or very cheap EA that uses crossover ADX to buy and sell whatever timeframe. I would like it to be automated and that I can see the arrows.

Every time there is a green arrow I want it to buy and every time its a red arrow I want it to sell, without exception.

I have tried some EA:s here on MQL5 but they does not buy and sell every time there is an arrow on the chart. I have tried several EA that uses ADX crossover on a m1 and m5 chart

but sometimes the buy even though the price goes down and vice versa. In other words, I loose money.

This should be pretty easy to configure if I knew how to do it ...

Do you know of a EA that actually works and that have red and green arrows which it follow with a sell/buy order.

It should also automatically close a market position if the market changes, if the ADX crosses again. If they crosses - it should automatically follow the trend and buy/sell a new order.

Hopefully you get my point.

I want the EA to be very simple.


Search the Codebase and Market. If you can't find it, place a job request in the Freelance section and negotiate the price with the developers that offer to code it for you.

Please also note that the forum is not a free coding service, and recommendations on Market products is not allowed on the forum.

I understand. Thank you.