Named Pipes - Strange (very strange) bug/error!!


I've been using Named Pipes to exchange information between endpoints.

I think it's the best way, but I could be wrong.

The thing is, I think there's always one mistake or another, it's like walking on eggshells.

Let's get to the problem at hand:

On EURUSD, asset data is transmitted, also on BTCUSD. When I put it in CADCHF or other asset, the client just doesn't find the server.

This is kind of weird and doesn't make any sense in my head.

I ask you: is there another way to transmit data at high speed (transmit price quotes), which is less error-free, less bug-sensitive?

Eventually I can post the codes here if anyone is willing to see this weird error.

I gave up using Named Pipes,

I just had a headache. Solution I used: FX Quick Blue Channel.