How to get the price on the second X of the 1M candle?

I'm new to EA programming and I'm working on a project that analyzes the price difference between two points in time, in seconds.
My goal is to identify stretched prices over short periods of time.

I already have a robot that analyzes this "stretch" in seconds, using this:

TimeCurrent() <= (iTime(NULL, PERIOD_M1, 0) + 5)

The problem is that the parameter I use to get the first price is the iOpen and this is obviously the bar's opening price... That is, I can't get the price difference between the second 5 and 10 of the bar, as iOpen is always based on the beginning of the slash.
I would be very grateful if someone could give me an idea of how to get the price in a given second of the bar (second 5, for example)...
Big hug to all!
Not compiled, not tested, just typed.
   datetime now=TimeCurrent();
   static int nTick=EMPTY; static datetime tickTime; static double price[2];

   static datetime time0=0;
   datetime time1=time0; time0=iTime(_Symbol,_Period,0); bool isNB=time0!=time1;   
      nTick=0; tickTime=now;  return;        // Enable elapsed time code.
   if(nTick == EMPTY)         return;        // Wait for a new bar.
   if(now - tickTime < 5)     return;        // Wait for elapsed time.

   double Bid=iClose(_Symbol, _Period, 0);   // Store prices.
   price[nTick++] = Bid;   tickTime=now;  if(nTick < 2) return;

   nTick=EMPTY;                              // Disable elapsed time code.
   process(price);                           // Process elapsed time prices.
Not compiled, not tested, just typed.