What is Financial operations are limited.

Mr Krerkkrai Cherdchoochon  

Am I doing something wrong ?
I have top up my MQL5 account for renting VPS for me and my clients that use my EA my clients acknowledge that they can not have my EA file.
So The only one that can migrate EA to VPS on MQL5 is me.
I also only top up with my only Card and I only use only MQL5 account to manage my EA and VPS.

Did I violate MQL5 policy in anyway because I did not intend to do it I will be careful in the future or it is just a technical check to top up too much?

Sorry for any grammar mistake English is not my first language.

Sergey Golubev  

Contact the service desk about it ("financial operations are limited" for additional verification is the normal procedure for all the sellers from time to time).

Go to "Contacts and requests" link at the bottom of this page, and -

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Loss access to MQL5

Alexey Petrov, 2021.11.26 10:00

Choose Account \ Ask a question, then describe your problem and it will create a ticket for you.

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