history check timeout

2022.10.04 14:36:44.455 Tester  Cloud servers switched off
2022.10.04 14:37:19.685 Tester  F40: history check started
2022.10.04 14:37:30.494 Tester  F40: history check timeout
2022.10.04 14:37:30.494 Tester  F40: no history data from 2010.01.01 00:00 to 2011.01.01 00:00

I got an issue since yesterday

this is what I got when I launch MT5 and try to backtest on Indices (and forex also)

I tried installing another instance in another directory and it works fine then, I can backtest no problem.

but I didn't change anything since yesterday when it was working ok

I don't want to migrate just for that, is there a solution ? (I already tried renaming temporally "tester" and "base" folders but it doesn't change anyhting

I tried changing dates and other settings here and there but no luck

thanks for any help



Did you find the root cause? 

I am facing the same issue since today.