Signal provider has balance x USD, leverage 1:500; subscriber has balance 0.00 USD, leverage 1:0


I've just subscribed to a signal that I had forgot to renew a week ago and when setting it up right now to be used on the MQL VPS I get this line in my VPS Journal:

This keeps happening no matter how many times I stop and start the VPS or migrate my settings (note on that, I get the "Migration failed, please check the journal of your platform" when using the Migrate all button, however, the Migrate signal button works albeit it doesn't fix my issue of 0.00 balance)

I know I have a balance and I can see it both in the Metatrader 5 terminal and in my brokers website. I have another account with the same broker which is also following a signal and using MQL VPS and that one works fine (I haven't actually tried to manually migrate the settings there in case it also fucks up, but the journal looks fine and trades are being copied well)

Why is this happening and how do I fix it?