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Stop & limit orders problem in iPhone 6

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970920 2015.04.17 21:44 
Help. I cannot use the buy stop, sell stop, buy limit and sell limit anymore in my iPhone 6 plus but before I can use it in my iPhone. Please advise.
JD4 2015.06.22 06:50  
I am not sure how this could be resolved, but if no one here has any ideas, could try the service desk.
Kasiyati 2015.06.22 17:58  
what your broker? because many broker cant accept all lot off pending order 
JD4 2015.06.26 06:49  
I have been reading on the forums quite a bit lately, and think might have a possible solution.  I do not use mobile trading app, so IDK if this is even possible, or if so, how well it works.  According to the posts I have seen, if you press and hold your finger on the trade you want to make, a small window opens up on screen allowing you to do stuff to the trade.  If this is the case here, or if this is helpful to you, I do not know.  Hopefully this works for you, if not, I will have to fall back on my service desk suggestion.
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