EVENT tooltip no longer showing?



Has anyone noticed if the OBJ_EVENT tooltip has stopped working? The documentation says that the tooltip is by default the OBJPROP_TEXT and it should show up when hovering over the event. Well, I've tried everything, and played around with all the other properties, and I just can't get the tooltip to pop up for my events. Am I missing anything?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

OBJ_EVENT tooltip not popping up on mouse-over

Carlos Moreno Gonzalez:

Do not double post!

I have deleted your other topic with the same issue.

Show the code and maybe somebody can assist.

      string newsName ="News " + (string)(l_a_news[i].dTime + GMTOffset);

      if(ObjectFind(ChartID(), newsName) < 0)
         ObjectCreate(ChartID(), newsName, OBJ_EVENT, 0, l_a_news[i].dTime + GMTOffset, 0);
      ObjectSetString(ChartID(), newsName, OBJPROP_TEXT, l_a_news[i].news);
      ObjectSetInteger(ChartID(), newsName, OBJPROP_COLOR, eventColor);
      ObjectSetInteger(ChartID(), newsName, OBJPROP_HIDDEN, true);
      ObjectSetInteger(ChartID(), newsName, OBJPROP_BACK, false);
      ChartSetInteger(ChartID(), int(newsName), CHART_FOREGROUND, true);