MT5 - Please someone tell me HOW to close charts in web version


Hello all, I am using MT5 with FTMO and cannot close any charts once they are open in the web version. In addition many charts are not loading when I click a trade pair. So for example USD/Silver does not open but USD/Gold does etc...

These two issues - not getting certain pairs, and not being able to close any charts is again the web version and I am using Chrome. 

       Any answers greatly appreciated.  For the devs - are you aware of these major user issues ?    Thank you to any and all... 


The broker should have it own web terminal so you can ask your broker about it -

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WebTerminal not working!!???

MetaQuotes, 2021.11.11 12:23

Ask you broker please to update web terminal in their side and provide the link to you.

Now each broker have to have it own web terminal.


As to this MetaQuotes Web Terminal so I can open any chart (or change one chart to an other one) by click on the symbol in the Market Watch,
for example:

MetaQuotes Web Terminal

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