Problem in creating Panel in MT5.


Hello everyone, I have a problem when I create a Panel in MT5 using Dialog library.

I have some elements within my dialog box, when I need to use "Destroy" method to delete some objects within my dialog box and then again use "Create" method to create those objects, when I do that the relation between those objects and the panel disrupts, That means when I move the panel that object does not move proportionally, I ll send a test same to show you my meaning, I ll appreciated if any one can help me, there must be some method or a way to make it right. 

Here when I click BUY button, I want to delete Calculation button, so I use MyCalculator.Destroy();

When I click SELL button, I want to create this button again so I use:









But the now the relation between this button and panel is somehow disconnected, so when I move panel, the button moves disproportionally.

I have the same problem. I think the problem is that the same instance of a CButton class is being used again after the Button was destroyed. With my Panel I have problem with a label. I tried to create an instance dynamically inside  a function that handles opening new positions but that doesn't work. Anyone has an idea how to solve this issue?