Can UK citizen/Resident open a trading account if they hold USA Green Card?

Timothy David Towers  


I'm a UK citizen who last yr moved back to the UK from NJ/USA. I have a green card but assumed it would either expire or I'd send it back to abandon it (but havent done so yet). I opened a demo account with a trading firm and was in the process of opening a live account, but had it declined because of FCA not allowing green card holders/USA citizens to trade. 

Does anyone know of any trading firms/platforms that are able to allow me to trade, or must I abandon my USA green card (can take 60+ days) first beforehand?

Any advice would be welcome.


Sergey Golubev  

Discussion (especially the recommendations) about the brokers is prohibited on the forum.
There are several inyernet forums which are specialized on the discussion about the brokers so you can use them for example.

For information.