Can't subscribe signal


Hello everyone... can you help me, it's my first time to subscribe to a signal. But it hasn't worked. Every time I want to enter the payment option, I can't seem to connect. Even though I have topped up for the balance in MQL5. What do you think the problem is? I attached the picture... Thank you.

Subscribe_1.jpg  347 kb
Subscribe_2.jpg  240 kb

It may be for many reasons:

  • your MT4 is not updated for the new build (connect your MT4 to MetaQuotes-Demo account and update it);
  • you are using firewall or antivirus which is blocking your Metatrader with interbet for Signal service (disable firewall and antivirus);
  • you do not have Internet Explorer install on your computer by the latest possible version (install Internet Explorere on your computer);
  • your Windows is having old version - Windows XP for example, or Windows Vista, and so on (use Windows 10 64 bit computer);
  • you are using external VPS which was banned from the Market and the Signal service (stop using exteral VPS services, use MQL5 VPS VPS from this mql5 portal);
  • your money may not be enough in case you are trying to buy something from European Union's IP address (because they may take VAT for example);
  • it may be more reasons.
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