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Script or Expert to disable Autotradning and close all open trades MT4

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olzonpon 2015.04.15 18:19 

Hi, MT4 question.

I wonder if somone has a script or EA that can be set on the terminal to watch the "My funds/credit", and if the funds will get smaller than for example 1000 USD It should disable autotrading, and then closes all open trades.

Janusz Trojca 2015.04.15 21:29  
If EA disable autotrading, than EA couldn't open/close any trade. Effective solution is to remove from charts all other EA's and than close all trades and eventually disable autotrading.
Irwan Adnan
Irwan Adnan 2015.04.16 08:41  
I think it can be programmed, by removing the trading EA in this script/EA using ExpertRemove() or using unload and/or load a tempate that contains the EA..
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