100% Disk usage despite ram being under 80% While backtesting


Please yell at me if I posted this in the wrong area. Idk why searching has brought zero results on how to post a question

Genetic backtesting my EA using real tick data. If I back test over a year of data I run out of RAM and memory swapping kicks in. This makes backtesting nearly useless. It appears each core uses a chunk of RAM so I disabled a few until RAM usage was under 80%. Despite this paging still kicks in.

Is this normal and I simply need to test smaller chunks of time, or does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

I would post my code but this happens with any EA for over a year of real tick data. Using my own EA or the example EAs doesn't make a difference.

The tick data is from an AMPGlobal demo account

PC info