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Replacing barcount?

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Adam Davies
Adam Davies 2015.04.11 01:44 

ForexGuy 2015.04.11 12:44  

Hi, so far this forum has been so helpful and I haven learnt a lot! I started with an ea built using an online generator and now I have been editing and adding bits in Meta Editor as I am learning.


In this particular code I have added a timing feature to only trade certain hours and certain days and it works fine. I have 2 things I would like to sort on this code before I remake it all and start optimizing and testing.


1: I kind of understand what barcount is (but not fully) but after looking into it, it looks like it needs replacing with something better. I have been given a code to replace it with, but the problem is, there are multiple references to barcount throughout this code and I don't know how to replace each individual bit.

2: I would like to completely remove the Variable that says 'SignalMail'. I have no idea what it even is but I don't like it being there (I'm OCD and I only want necessary things!).. I think I can just delete all lines that mention signalmail but I don't want to delete them if they actually do something important! So can I just delete all lines that mention signalmail? 

If anybody could help me with any of the above it would be much appreciated! I know it is a lot to ask so I will be very grateful :)

im not devloper but know a bit about this meta . just ignore the barcount because its using tick o not . i have this ea before n for me its great to use tick mode for true . use its to non active season . for signalmail i dont know . because some people use its with different style to alert .
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