why it's SO hard to add a stock symbol to MT5?

Desheng Li  

Tried to add the simple Apple's symbol AAPL to symbols.

Why always failed?

This is the most simple function !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why it's so hard?????????????

The only stupid things showing up is







Fernando Carreiro  
It depends on the broker. Only if the broker supports stocks or futures or whatever type of symbol you want to trade, can you add it to the Market Watch window.
Fernando Carreiro  
So, choose your broker wisely! Make sure they are licensed, regulated and are reputable.
William Roeder  
MT4 was designed for FX, with some metals added. MT5 was also designed for stocks. choose your broker wisely
Fernando Carreiro  
Desheng Li #: Thanks Fernando and William for your reply. I just chose to use meta5 demo account and server MetaQuotes-Demo. I assume this demo account at least should provide AAPL data. It's surprising the demo account does not support the most basic function: to add AAPL symbol. The MT5 design is beyond my imagination.

No, a MetaQuotes demo account is not all encompassing. It is just for demonstration purposes of the software. You should use a demo account provided by a proper broker according to your trading needs.

Also read the following when selecting a broker ... Tips to avoid being scammed …

William Roeder  
Desheng Li #: I assume this demo account at least should provide AAPL data.

Then you assume that it should also contain every other symbol, on every other market, for every other person.