Problems with storage (repository) Sync


Hi everyone
I have been using the repository service for a few days, both in MT4 and MT5.
I have computer A and computer B, both connected with the same MQL5 account

It happens that, for some reason I am only receiving the updates from the computer on side B to side A, For example, I create a new script on computer B, comment it and then update computer A, and there I see it, everything okay

but I can't do that in reverse
everything I do on computer A, no matter how much I comment it out, no matter how much I edit it to make multiple commits of that code, and no matter how much I update side B, I don't see it.

Do you know what is causing this?
I need to have everything on the 2 computers, so as not to be copying files, through other ways.

In addition, the URL to access the web has not worked for many years. (!/)

by the way, the same thing happens to me and in the same direction, both in MT4 and MT5

I want to clarify that on computer B (where I do not receive updates), I can see the log history and the update of computer A is mentioned, but without seeing the (new) file or the changes of Old Files.

I've already logged out of both terminals, on both computers, and I've restarted them, but I still don't have the synchronization.

Thank you

This link works for me!/# (it is very slow but it works):


And it works in MetaEditor in very fast way.


Quoting "Alexander Martinez" from another discussion in case this helps:

For anyone wanting to skip the long wait time: once you log in, bookmark the URL (ex:!/#MQL4.<your_user_name_here>) and just use that; it's instantaneous.


Thanks Everybody

Using the VPN, can i access to  storage, and using the correct path, i saved time

after, understand that my problem was a errors in the name of the files, which were changed by i use a especial Character in the name

i had that filter it,  using a third computer (or third Metatrader)  and now, all is ok

thank you for your responses