VPS issues

Jacobus Van Schoor  

We use multiple MQL5 VPSs and sometimes these do not want to sync and other times trades do not open and close as they should (delayed execution causing trades to open and close late and sometimes bundle). We use an EA to trade with and have determined that none of these issues occur when trading from the computer screen (have tested this on multiple accounts with multiple brokers, using the same EA).

Since we get different results on accounts with the same broker (and we are able to manually open and close trades instantly when these commands sent by the EA do not execute), it can only be concluded that the fault cannot be that of the brokers (execution speed/ liquidity), neither can it be the EA as the software runs on multiple accounts (all on their own VPS) and all trades execute correctly on some accounts.

Any advice? 


Sergey Golubev  

MQL5 VPS is "Metatrader in cloud" (yes, this is Metatrader but in cloud).
So, it should work on the same way as in your home Metatrader.

The only limitations may be the following:

  • your EA(s) is using or trying to use any dll (incl Windows dll);
  • bad MQL5 VPS server connection - it may be happened but rarely and in very short time only.

So, the general decision is the following (in case of MQL5 VPS serer issue):

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VPS will not migrate

Eleni Anna Branou, 2022.06.30 00:48

First check the MQL5 VPS (right click on the Navigator window) >> Journals to see what the problem is, as Fernando suggested.

You can also try to move to another MQL5 VP server here and try to migrate again, after you restart your terminal.


Hi,I'm unablebto renew my vps. In the hosting menu in the mql5 site i cant cancel the expired vps or renew tha one. In the metatrader terminal the vps button is unable too.