<...> server not found?

Deon Kriel  

When I try and connect to the VantageInternational-Live 2 server, I get a "not found" error.  It comes up in the search results, but when I select it, then I get a "not found" error.

Also cannot connect to it from my MT4 terminal on Windows11

Sergey Golubev  

1. If it is related to the broker's server or trading account to connect to Metatrader so the discussion about the brokers is prohibited on the forum.
Ask your broker for support (or governmental registration/licensing body in your country) about your broker and so on.


2. If it is related to MQL5 VPS you are going to rent for this server so I found this server:



You can delete 2 and place 2 once again, and the server will appeare.