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Need help to finalize EA

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Hi hi,

The point is the following:
I use RSI to buy or sell on EURUSD.
Many orders can be opened when conditions are fulfilled.
So I can have up to 10 or 20 opened orders, but always on the same side (buy or sell).
I would like to calculate the average price for these opened orders, and define the take profit price at 5 pips above or below this TP price.
I don't want to place a TP pending order ; I just want to know it and then, when this TP price is reached, The pool of opened orders must be closed.

So the idea is:
Order 1:  buy 0.2 EURUSD at p1           
Order 2: buy 0.2 EURUSD at p2
Order 3: buy 0.2 EURUSD at p3

average price = (p1+p2+p3)/3
TP price = average price + 5 pips

Of course, if sell, TP price is lower than average price.

That also means that average price and the TP price is recalculated each time a new position is opened

When TP price is reached by the market, all the 3 orders are closed at TP price by the EA..

So, is anyone able to help me on that topic???

Thanks in advance



Entrysignal () conditions are already defined

OpenPos() rules are already defined

ClosePos() rules are partially defined - This is probably in the loop that I need to include the code that will take in charge the hereabove request

Aleksei Beliakov
Aleksei Beliakov  
as i see this you only need to calculate average price and call ClosePos() when it's reached
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