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Check out this selection of useful materials which can assist traders in improving their algorithmic trading knowledge. The era of simple algorithms is passing, and it is becoming harder to succeed without the use of Machine Learning techniques and Neural Networks.

All beginning traders start their learning journey with the technical analysis basics, and many of them read the same books on stock exchange trading. The basics are normally easy to understand. However, the initial manual trading phase passes fairly quickly. The next step is to achieve greater stability of trading results and to increase trading volumes, while covering a variety of financial instruments and maintaining low risk. This is where algorithmic trading via trading robots comes in handy, which is however a totally new area of study. In addition to financial market knowledge, it requires programming and technical analysis skills.

The algorithmic trading topic is too broad. By simply searching on the web, you can find hundreds or even thousands of specialized resources and tutorials. One of the approaches which is becoming increasingly popular concerns Machine Learning and Neural Networks. This is a whole new area of diverse knowledge, and thus it can be difficult to understand where to start learning this subject. We have prepared a selection of materials in English in order to save you time searching for this information.


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