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Enought with Demo Version Products in Market

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Ramon Sobrevals Arce
Ramon Sobrevals Arce 2015.04.03 22:55 
Hello everyone,

I've seen than all products in Market has a demo version which can be excecuted easily in Strategy Tester.

However, I have been checking few demo version of indicators and actually, backtesting you could already use the demo version for the real markets (with a delay of few bars) without needs to buy it.
I wonder if there is any way to can limitate the demo version like for example:
"Can only be used 1 month backtesting"
"Only in one pair"
"Only few external parameters can be changed"

So when the customer download the demo version has only access to limitated situations or parameters, so he needs to purchase to can use the full version. Is there any way?

Thanks for your time.
Osama Shaban
Osama Shaban 2015.04.03 23:10  

I believe all market products must work for 2 weeks at least as full version to get the right idea about what you are looking to buy.

Also, most of coders put only back-tests, they don't like to link their EAs to at least demo accounts to give forward tests. But, I do

because I trust my codes. 

Ramon Sobrevals Arce
Ramon Sobrevals Arce 2015.04.03 23:17  
About Experts I totally understand than the demo version and the backtest are necesary and useful, but the backtest its actually not affecting the future purchase because if you want to have one opperative EA which opens real orders, you'll need to purchase anyway, doesnt matter what the backtest does.

However, with indicators, it's working diferent. As you don't need them to open new orders, you don't really need them to work on real; You can directly backtest the demo indicators until the day you are (and the hour you are), and you can already use them without purchase. Getting actual information from them without purchase, only with the backtest.
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